Why Radical Girlsss?

Why “Radical”: we aim to get to the roots of the problems, reach out at grassroots level and raise the urgency for a feminist revolution, while honoring our foremothers, those witches they couldn’t burn.

Radical Girlsss is fundamentally an acknowledgement. An acknowledgement of the progress achieved so far, of the accomplishments of our mothers and of the roads we yet have to build for our daughters. An acknowledgement of the pervasive violence against us, the targeted aggressions against activists, the workplace harassment, the pay gap between men and women, the attack on our reproductive rights and the persistence of sex roles. An acknowledgement of the women and girls who are denied their dignity and rights the world over, locked out of opportunities and disbelieved. An acknowledgement of a world that has been built and is still being built for men by men, with little to no institutional recognition of women’s specific demands, needs and oppression

The young leaders of today are tasked with the challenge of taking radical action, and unequivocally assume the responsibility of paving a better tomorrow. Radical Girlsss stands for that. A group of young women who shape their own future and empower their sisters to do the same. At the same time, women of younger generations face challenges particular to the context we develop in, and all women are duty bound to carry on the torch.

Radical Girlsss Values


We believe that prostitution is the systematic exploitation of women and girls and a direct result of male entitlement that claims ownership of women. Prostitution inherently corrupts a woman’s bodily integrity and autonomy and disregards her sexuality. We are committed to the abolition of institutions of commercial sexual exploitation, including its filmed version pornography.

Challenging patriarchy

We acknowledge that all forms of sexual oppression boil down to and originate from the abuse of power over women and girls, especially in vulnerable moments of our lives.


We take a secular approach to its governance, and towards its policy input. We staunchly believe that religious practices should not take precedence over women’s rights, nor interfere with policy-making.

Ending sex roles

We recognize that one of the most intrinsic and insidious forms of sex discrimination is entrenched in the biases that women and girls have to confront on a daily basis, and the subsequent expectations imposed on us.

Solidarity across borders

RG encourages sisterhood within its structure, regardless of socioeconomic background, country of origin, ethnicity or cultural affiliation. RG stands in solidarity with women and girls across the globe and recognises individual and country-specific difficulties, in an effort to address and tackle all issues related to women and girl’s oppression.

Solidarity between generations

We wish to address the specific challenges that young women face in creating a world of our own, but also acknowledges inter-generational differences and the value of learning from older generations.

Radical Girlsss is a safe space for young migrant women who are working towards creating a feminist world. Our priority is to advocate collectively on the European, national and local levels for women’s dignity and rights. This includes participating in conferences, workshops and actions with the purpose of creating systemic change for the liberation of women and girls based on our values. We will also be active participants in the discussions, initiatives and decision-making of the network itself so that young women’s voices play a vital role in the co-creation of the network. Finally, Radical Girlsss wishes to engage and strengthen the work of the network’s members by providing webinars to members and learning from their work.