On the 7th March 2020, we RG members Adriana and Juliana participated in the event “Federalism is a feminist issue”, co-hosted by JEF Brussels and AEGEE-Brussel, in the panel “Violence against migrant women and girls”.


Young Women’s Engagement Workshop

RG member Adriana represented the group at the Young Women’s Engagement three-day workshop of the European Women’s Lobby in Brussels, Belgium, from the 8th to 11th October 2019.

Brussels’ Call Conference

RG was represented by our member Alyssa in this conference organized by the European Women’s Lobby, which took place in the European Parliament on October 15th 2019.

Asamblea Abolicionista Madrid

On 22nd February 2020, RG members met with the Madrid Abolitionist Assembly in Spain.

Panel at FiLiA – Generation Feminist

RG held the Generation Feminist – Radical Girlsss, Radical Courage panel at FiLiA on 19th October 2019, in which we discussed the challenges faced by young feminists today. From the attractiveness of “liberal feminism” that transforms the movement into a brand to the queer theory that makes us question the mere definition of a woman…radicality takes courage. We navigated through struggles on mental health, isolation risks, balance between activism and economic necessities, and how it can still be possible to navigate around the tricks of “individual choice” narratives. Why is it necessary to take a stand against prostitution and surrogacy? Why do we want to bring radical feminism to future generations? How do we find radical happiness for us and all of our sisters?

Summer Camp in Valencia, Spain

Feminist workshop aimed at girls aged 16 and 17, facilitated and conceptualized by RG members.