10 Myths about pornography: radical deconstruction❗

In a ten-week long campaign RadicalGirlsss will go through the myths surrounding pornography, trying to uncover the reality behind the glamour. We’ll be hosting a series of webinars, post reality-checks and foster discussion to understand the operation of this multi-million dollar industry.

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European Day of Solidarity Between Generations

April 29 is European Day of Solidarity Between Generations and we wanted to hear from YOU which women you are honouring ? Someone older or younger? Why has she made an impact on your life?

Mother, sister, daughter,
Root, branch, bough,
Berry, blossom, seed,
Earth, moon, ocean —
How can we possibly not be one?

Susan Saxe

The Covid-19 virus has hit our elderly the hardest. In an ageing continent like Europe, and especially in Italy, the virus is devastating. Now that restrictions are being eased, older women might be some of the last ones allowed to go out again, bearing the ‘burden’ of their age for longer.

In South Sudan, the youngest country in the world, a whole generation is organising to maintain access to vital infrastructures. Deprived of schooling, a safe haven for a number of women, some are building shelters for victims of male violence against women and girls.

Older women are discarded for supposedly having fulfilled their sexual and motherly duties. Thrown aside as senile, their valuable life experience is not considered wisdom as it happens with men.

There is no need to listen to younger women: their prime value is sexual. Trying to accomplish their dreams and aspirations, everything will be done to discourage their personal journeys and they still have to see that financial independence.

Girls are trapped in the hands of adults who do not necessarily understand them or refuse to see some of the great violations they might already be experiencing.

And yet.

When women get together, age no longer matters. Older learns from the younger, younger from the older, sister from the sister. The daughter understands her mother, the mother listens to her daughter. We grow together.

The 29th of April is the European day of solidarity and cooperation between generations. Radical Girlsss invites all women and girls to celebrate it by sharing a story of a younger or older sister that inspires you.

Perhaps she held your hand in your journey into feminism. It might be a sister who helped you in a tough time. A woman who offered you a life-changing book. A girl who despite her young age opened your eyes. Did she teach you a valuable skill? Did she dry your tears or make you laugh? Can you see in her the woman of tomorrow? Perhaps she raised you in the woman you are today. Do you talk to your older or your younger self? Does travelling you across generations help you?

Share your story of intergeneration feminist solidarity to celebrate this special day.

Brussels Women’s Strike: Radical Abolitionist Poster-Making

On the upcoming Women’s Strike in Brussels, RadicalGirlsss and the European Network of Migrant Women called on the women of and in Belgium to take to the streets and voice our demands for an abolitionist Europe. For that, we hosted a get-together and radical abolitionist poster-making session, for us to get to know each other and march for our rights on the 8th of March! 

Despite the gains made by the women’s liberation movement in previous years and decades, the conditions of women and girls’ exploitation have not changed radically and have taken other shapes and forms. Changes made by the women’s movement have afforded our generation the freedom and right to transgress patriarchal impositions, though the urgency of reinvigorating persists, urging us to take a stand. 

We denounce the patriarchal violence to which we are subjected every day in its many manifestations. We denounce femicide, rape and sexual aggression, sexual exploitation, street and workplace harassment, among many other forms of violence that continue to threaten and condition the lives of women and girls around the world.

We fight against this system, in which violence and exploitation of women is fully normalized, affirming that prostitution, pornography and surrogacy are exacerbated forms of violence against women that disproportionately affect migrant women and girls. 

We demand States, as well as their police and judicial authorities, to renew, today and in a lasting manner, their commitment to ensure that we live a life free of male violence. But we want to make it clear that it is also a legal commitment, acquired through the ratification of Human Rights instruments such as the CEDAW Convention or the Istanbul Convention.

Radical Girlsss want to recognize the tireless struggle of the Feminist Movement ata global level for a world free of male violence. We have the right not to be prostituted. The right to not be sexualised, objectified and exploited according to male demand. We have the right to dignity, safety and freedom from violence. We have the right to demand and collective organising – this is why we march.

Valentine’s Day Campaign

Narratives and representation around the notion of romantic love are ingrained in our brains since a very young age. Our generation grew up with Disney, where princesses longed for their prince charming and went great lengths to appear as the most beautiful for her chosen one. “And they lived happily ever after”. 

We also grew up in the era of the Baby Born doll, those dolls that cried and cooed like real human babies and that, we thought, needed their mommies to take care of them. With distance and critical thinking, it doesn’t take us much to reach the evident conclusion: our socialisation into lovers, longers, carers, mothers-to-be, starts before we even know it. 

The capitalist, neo-liberal system in which our society has laid its foundation on has always marketed and profited from the idea of romantic love, selling gendered items and products specifically designed for this day. Men, don’t forget the chocolate box and the roses, for your lady will be heartbroken if you fall short of those! Women, make sure you buy the Valentine’s Day  lingerie collection – a special outfit to please your man. Interestingly enough, we are not given the tools for questioning the connection between receiving gifts from men and the natural next step, which is undressing yourself, showing off that Valentines lingerie for a wild night with your lover. 

When we learn that, according to a 2017 study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 11% of high school girls reported experiencing sexual dating violence during the prior year, one must not think too hard and too long as to the WHY. As young women, we are made to believe that a lot of aggressive, problematic masculine behaviour is due to love. “He mocks me because I’m stupid”. “He’s jealous because he cares about me”. “He pushed me because I made him angry”. “He lied because he knew I was going to react strongly”. “He threatened me because I never listen”. 

If he insults you, he blackmails you, if he lies to you, if he threatens you, if he says he’ll leave you… that’s not love. If he controls you and your privacy, if he checks who you talk to and meet with, if he waits for you in front of school, university, work, that’s not love. If he tries to possess you, if he coerces you into sexual acts, if he chokes you during sex, if he doesn’t hear your “NO’s”, if he doesn’t respect your boundaries and values, that’s not love. If your self-love and dignity are on the floor, shattered, like you, that is not love. 

It’s violence. And we will not be tricked anymore into thinking that our oppression, our traumas and our sufferings are love. Violence against women and girls is not love. It’s male dominance. Killing your partner because you loved her is not a crime of passion, but only a crime.