Women Unsilenced: We’re naming their violence TORTURE! Non-State torturers who inflict pornographic victimisation

We are very happy to announce that on the upcoming Tuesday 23rd June 2020 at 7 PM CET we will be hosting our sixth webinar in the context of our #10mythsaboutpornography campaign.

This time we are welcoming Jeanne Sarson and Linda MacDonald, founders of Persons Against Non-State Torture:

“A life-time ago we were never silent about being born into family violence. So 27 years ago, when catapulted into women’s reality that they as adults and/or as children were victimized by acts of violence that must be named and understood as torture perpetrated by private individuals or family groups, we refused to “shut up”. Thus the content of our webinar is to share models on how to define acts of torture plus discuss that the women also suffered torture pornographic victimizations. We will share the non-State torture victimization-traumatization framework we built to support women tortured to recover, which inclusively means their expressions of drawings and statements are included in the webinar as will examples of our participatory research”.

Please note that the presentation will feature misogynistic and sexual language and will entail detailed descriptions of sexual violence. At RadicalGirlsss we believe that talking openly about male violence without being sensationalist or exploitative is important in order to analyse and explain what we are up against. While saying that, we know those conversations can be difficult, so if you want to leave at any point, we understand that it is not out of disrespect but out of self-care and that is perfectly fine.

The session will be held in English with a Q&A at the end of the webinar. Please register yourself with the following link:

We’ll send you the link to the call one day before.

Looking forward to seeing all you women there!

Find Linda’s and Jeanne’s article on the misogynistic violence against women and girls in the context of COVID-19 :

In a ten-week long campaign RadicalGirlsss will go through the myths surrounding pornography, trying to uncover the reality behind the glamour. We’ll be hosting a series of webinars, post reality-checks and foster discussion to understand the operation of this multi-million dollar industry.